Introducing BINDER

In the CSA360p lab, we recognize that every organization deserves the tools to achieve and maintain peak performance in the field. So, without further adieu, we are excited to introduce BINDER, the newest module in the ever-evolving CSA360 suite! Forget the paper binders, now just upload documents in the portal and instantly view or download on your remote user devices.

With the addition of Binder, your company is now able to upload and save critical documents that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, from both web and mobile devices. No need to navigate outside of the CSA360 to access your customer documents, building plans and property maps, keeping your team’s productivity at its best.


Save on supply costs by eliminating unnecessary spend on additional file repositories, virtual storage, and printed materials; CSA360 users never have to toggle between apps to access all critical information and forms, your staff is also saving time and increasing productivity.

CSA360 BINDER is perfect in Security sectors for keeping track of:
Customer Documents
Building Plans
Product and Equipment Images
Specs or Samples