No NFC Required.

Recently a client asked us about NFC Readers and what the cost of that would be for his company. Being in marketing, I wasn’t sure what NFC was, so I did a little research and found out why it’s not a good fit for our company.


We don’t do NFC:

What is NFC?  It stands for Near Feild Communication, and it’s kind of like your regular wifi or Bluetooth and has been described as being far more closely related to Radio Frequency Identification. Unlike RFID, NFC is only effective if a sensor can come within roughly a few inches of the target sensor. Oh, and it requires special devices to actually read the radio frequencies. While the idea is cool in theory, within the active application it’s really not as great as one would think. Why? Because utilizing NFC requires the purchase or rental of additional devices, costing you more money both up front and over time as you have to replace them due to loss, damage, and basic wear and tear. Those sensors that have to be installed to make NFC work? Those will cost you extra and any time those need to be replaced, you have to make an order, pay for it, wait, and install the new sensor yourself. We don’t do NFC because we have a better way that, up front and over time, saves your time, money, and person-power resources.


No extra tech needed:

Do you prefer Apple devices or Android Devices? Both? Cool. That’s all you need. With our software, you can use the devices that fit your operations best and we won’t make you buy special devices to make the software work, we want to meet you where you’re at. Did you know that a lot of other companies don’t disclose information about technology costs upfront? We don’t think that’s an okay practice for our clients.


Flat fee an unlimited users:

This is not a joke or a gimmick. We mean it when we say it’s one flat fee for unlimited users for all of our modules outside of our e-Learning module. That’s right. UNLIMITED USERS for every module you purchase. Do you need Dispatch, Txt Commander and Guard Tour? Unlimited users for each.


Do you want to know more? Email us at and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Or, you can also call us at +1 317 300-4656 and we will be happy to talk through our software with you. Really, it’s designed to fit any operation, let us help you find your module mix!


Change Is The Only Constant. Part 1

“Change is the only constant” Heraclitus, Greek Philosopher

Change and Change Management:

Change is not easy and it doesn’t happen overnight or even as often as it probably should. I’m not sure what really stops change from happening, if it’s a fear of the unknown and monetary investment, or if it’s more closely related to the fact that our client’s companies have been built from nothing and have been very successful using the processes that they have developed and put into action. We do see a lot of, “it’s not broken, so why fix it” and they are right, if it’s not broken, there is nothing there to fix. But…

But when we get into a conversation about how all of the moving pieces of a business are coming together, and really start peeling away the layers, we see things that can be handled a lot more efficiently, effecting both time and money resources.

Sometimes the problems are so buried that they aren’t easily recognized. And sometimes problems look like they might have an easy solution that really just acts as a topical bandage on the deeply rooted issues.

Let’s say you find yourself with a payroll problem and think that your business requires a really ridged solution to fix whatever the visible issues are. But why? Do you really have a payroll problem? Or do you have an employee talent pool problem? Do you have enough employees to complete the work? Do you have too many employees staffed? Do you lack a good way of tracking employee hours and overtime? Is your team getting the right training to be as useful as they can be, to meet the needs of your company? I guess the point is, is it really a payroll problem?

It’s not about plug and play solutions that we see from so many of in the market, they always sound so easy and end up being more work for you and your employees than what they’re worth.

Instead, let’s look at multifunctional software that assists you in tracking and data analysis so you can learn a whole lot more about your business by the numbers. And beyond seeing your business on paper, you are decreasing liability and optimizing your operations and processes. This is software working for you rather than creating fragmented parallel processes with everyone in their own lane, doing their own thing, and more than likely, doing the same work because the avenues to share data never intersect. This route may feel like it’s making progress, but really it’s just creating a whole new problem.

The solution rests in Dynamic Security Signal Management software. Just one platform that houses everything that your business needs, and provides flexibility of use to the user and the organization. It’s not required that you use all modules of the software at once, but see it, learn it and let those conversations happen to really understand the problems your business is facing and intervene early with an all-encompassing solution.
Our platform is about as plug and play as they come but in a good way. It’s user-friendly and is designed for a quick roll out no matter how large your operation is. But on the other side, it’s the furthest thing from plug and play because we work with you to customize every aspect of the platform, so it fits perfectly.

We are changing the way you work with technology. You don’t have to put a lot of time into it to get a lot of worth out of it.