A 360° View Is Important No Matter Where You Are— Even In Software

September 4, 2018
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I’m sure you’ve heard the term “looking through a straw,” meaning that it provides a limited view of what is actually happening around you. To ensure safety and security, you need to see the big picture, the 360° view of events in real-time. A lot of people live under the false belief that because you put someone in front of a computer and give them a great tool, that magic will happen, and doesn’t mean that — there could be something happening and they wouldn’t know it. If you are handling a dispatch call, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be aware of what is going on around you. You need to be able to switch between open calls to stay aware of progress and resolution of incidents, but also be aware of other communications, actions, and incidents in the field.

Proactive action and simplified communication broadcasting are the most important factors with a Dispatch Team, but in order to be effective, safe, and secure, your team requires something with predictive intelligence and a full view, making the call for action quicker and easier. If Predictive Intelligence isn’t a current proactive touchpoint in your security strategy, it should be.  Why should you use retroactive data to manage security, why not use real-time data and ever-changing intelligence?

It’s not about overloading your team. You can overload your team by the wrong CAD software if it’s too cumbersome. It’s about finding the best fit for you. In my 15 years of security experience, I’ve found that it’s not the most expensive software that is always the perfect fit, it’s the one that has everything that you need with the fewest clicks to get the job done. It has to be easy, and it has to give a full view.  You shouldn’t be wasting time trying to figure out the software when you need to be proactive in the field.

A well-trained security employee will know the procedures and protocol, but having a perfectly designed report will guide your employees through all of your processes and provide you with valuable data that you can use to protect yourself from any future litigation or even forecast future needs. Your safety and security are at risk without the best tools, where all of the data points can come together to paint the full, short-term/long-term picture so you can see the full scope of what you are dealing with for the day, week, month, year, and beyond.

Here is a little more to think about: Real-time data is great and all software has it, but is that data presented to you in a way that is easily digestible, understandable and useable? Are you getting everything you need and nothing that you don’t? Can you customize that view based on your responsibilities (staff/supervisor/operations).  Data is essential for what we do, especially in our forecasting and planning sessions. I can’t emphasize this enough, forecasting must be intelligent. We can’t afford to have any guessing in this industry when there is so much at stake. You can collect all of the data for any period of time, but it wont do you any good if you can’t easily recall the reports to review, don’t have someone to analyze and present the data, or if you don’t use it to create protocol within your organization. Just know that the right software will assist at a high level by producing intelligent, easily searchable, and useable data for you.

Tony Unfried has a Masters Degree in Public Affairs: Criminal Justice Management from Indiana University. Tony spent more than 15 years experience in physical security and 8 years in creating security software.

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