Built By And For Physical Security Professionals

We don’t mean to toot our own horn here, but CSA360 can honestly say that it is a software tool built by and for physical security professionals.

Why is this important?
Something cool comes from having tools built by people who come from the industry. We’ve shared the same struggles with educationally diverse employees, with strong-willed clients, with tools that don’t exactly meet our needs and end up taking more of our time than helping us get the job done so we can get home and maybe not have to work every single holiday. So what I’m saying is, we get it. We want to provide you with the tools that our founder created to address the problems that he faced with the ways that they were doing things with the tools that he had, and foster growth within your own company.

Meet our Security Professional Founder.
I probably should have lead with this, but CSA360’s founder is Tony Unfried. Tony holds a master’s degree in Public Affairs and Criminal Justice from Indiana University, where he graduated with honors. While enrolled in his master’s program, Tony worked for The TJX Companies, Inc., leading the region in loss prevention and moving the company toward technology use in Security. Tony went on to join the most significant security company in Indiana, managing more than 500 employees and 50 sites, including the Indiana Convention Center, Bankers Life Fieldhouse, and Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center. Seeing a noticeable gap in technology use in the physical security sector, Tony created his first security software application, launched at the Super Bowl in 2012, and recognized twice for Excellence in Mobile Technology by Techpoint. Tony has also spoken on Tech in Physical Security on panels with ASIS and IAVM and has engagements scheduled for 2020.

What does this mean for you?
You have options when it comes to choosing your Security Software tools, all of them with a slightly different focus. With the experience we’ve had, and where it’s lead us, we know that there is no single most important thing for which you are looking. So we’ve made software that works (most importantly) but is also split into modules so that you can choose the tools that you need and will use rather than paying for software that you’ll never even open. And you aren’t paying per user, you shouldn’t have penalization for being successful or proactively covering shifts, and the download to the mobile device is free.

Email us at info@CSA360.app if you would like additional information or to see our software in action.

The Problem: Software Cost

There is a cost problem that a lot of companies aren’t even aware of as they enter into contracts with Software as a Service (SaaS) providers. Unexpected costs.

As a growing company, it isn’t workable to pay a per a user license rate. To encourage company growth, you want to be looking for a per module contract, versus a per user contract. It doesn’t matter how many employees are using the software because of the costs the same regardless of the number. With CSA360, it no longer matters where locations are, or branches you have because growth is a possibility with our software. When you go with a company that allows you to buy by module, it becomes easy to understand your total software cost.

We want to focus on growth enablement which means not becoming cost-prohibitive for the companies who need CSA360 most.

It’s a yearly cost regardless of how heavy your software use is. It doesn’t matter how many employees you have, how many forms you submit, there is no sliding scale for cost. It’s a set price per year, or can be broken down by month. you don’t want the cheapest product available, but you don’t need to go with the most expensive software either. We are the most cost-competitive with the most functionality available for the money.

The cost kept going us as they added employees, the usage upped to costs. The software was hard to understand. We’ve entered into SaaS contracts ourselves, and have been surprised when we received our first bill. The number wasn’t what we were expecting. The company wasn’t being deceitful in their practices, they explained what they could, but it was hard to understand. If I can give you a flat rate or a yearly fee, that is easy to understand, that’s what I’m going to do. It doesn’t matter how you scale up your company and use the software. We are seeing customers switch to us not only because of how much is easier our overall software is, but because we are so much more cost efficient in the long run.

Do More With Marketing

CSA360 is adding something new to our offerings for the small security businesses that are looking to expand and grow operations. We are now offering marketing services!

You’ll never get a second chance to make a good first impression, and a beautifully designed website and coordinating marketing materials will give your prospective clients an added sense of confidence in your security company. We use responsive design to ensure that your site is optimized for mobile devices since more than half of all search is done on a phone.

Are you having a difficult time being found on Google? We can fix that. We specialize in search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC) advertising, making sure that can be found where your next new client is looking.

Fill out the contact form now to do more!


Find Us at GSX 2019 in Chicago

We’ve got the dates in our calendar to make sure that we are there to see you and show you what we’ve been working so hard on for the last year. Make sure that you add us to your GSX Planner so you don’t miss our huge updates. Tap or click on the calendar icon to add us now!

GSX 2019 Chicago is a big show and your time is limited, so here is the official map to find us, because are quick and efficient in all areas of business- not just in our software. Make sure you find our booth in the Windy City to sign up for some free goodies! Hit the map to see where our booth is located.

Why wait until September to get your custom demo? We can hook you up right now! Just tap the demo icon and fill out the contact page telling us what your company is looking for, and we can show you what our software can do. Everything we do is a custom job, let’s see if we’re a good fit.

Change Management 101 Part 2 [Guest Post]

Guest post by Zach Jedamzik, Change and Relationship Management at Stanley Black & Decker.

In the last blog post, Tony talked about the fact the only thing in life that is a constant, and we can depend on, is change. Everything is always changing and evolving. Our businesses should be too. Any time you are modifying daily operations or adding new software, processes, or protocol, Change Management should be engaged. 

Why do you need Change Management? Well. . . because change is hard. And it’s hard because people don’t like change. But that is what CSA360 is all about; making peoples lives easier, faster, and more efficient. Hence, why you’re implementing the change. . . right?

There are a couple of types of Change Management, this blog is going to focus on the ‘People Side of Change’.

Whenever you have individuals, teams, or entire organizations updating daily business practices, company size fluctuation, and most often technology changes and upgrades, Change Management methods can help you reduce internal resistance to new processes. In fact, having a good change management plan for a project has been proven to have 6x better adoption rate than a project without one.* And buy-in from Leadership is where it starts. Without an Executive Leader championing your cause, you will go nowhere.  The next steps are outlined below:

  • Identify the type of change: Process, Technology, Personel, maybe all three.
  • Explain the ‘Why’ of the change
  • Create momentum and excitement for the change
  • Give those who need it the knowledge on ‘How’ to change
  • Provide the ability for the change (in this case CSA360)
  • Reinforce the change

The most critical person in Change Management is the management layer. And in this case, the management layer is defined as the lowest level prior to the individual contributor.

The management layer is the most important layer to actually have buy-in for two reasons. One, they have the most influence on individual contributors. Let’s be straight forward, they most likely write employees year-end reviews; which have salary or promotion implications. Secondly, they are also on the ‘front-lines’ of the day-to-day work. Managers can see if the change is taking place or if there is resistance. If resistance is found they can correct, through education or other levers, any issues or non-desired behavior.

Now you ask, ‘How do I do what you just told me to’? Well, it’s not as hard as you may think. It’s all about messaging. How you message a change is critical. You want employees to know you are there with them on the journey. And, they have some say in the path you are taking them. Letting people be part of the decision making process on how the new tool works or the timing of the roll-out are examples. Sure, not every employee can put their two-cents in or the company will never move forward. But you can select a few key SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) and they can be your insiders and help champion the cause from the individual contributor level. Also, those SMEs can possibly bring ideas or roadblocks to your attention you didn’t see coming. You know what they say, two heads are better than one.

The management layer and key SMEs can build excitement in employee meetings, newsletters or emails. This will help keep the whole team engaged, reinforcing ‘Why’, ‘How’ and ‘When’. If you are implementing in phases across an organization share the successes. And if there are failures, don’t be afraid of them, share those too and how they were resolved.

Document everything. Yes, you will get documentation from CSA360, but your processes are unique and different from any other users we have out there, and that is great! So keep how you do everything written down and in our Binder Module for easy reference.

And finally– Be confident with your new technology! What makes us different from our competitors is we are a partner with you. Here’s what I mean by that. We will work with you to make sure you are getting exactly what you are looking for from our software. We customize your software and experience in ways other companies just can’t. We understand how important an individualized experience for every client is. How our software can lower the risk of litigation because CSA360 can capture all of the data that you’re looking for. We know your customized guard tour has to be exactly right and capture all of the necessary information you or your client are looking for. We know giving people a way to text directly to your dispatch can prevent bigger issues from arising. And lastly, we have made it all affordable and give you only what you’re looking for, not a bunch of useless extras.

If you want to learn more about Change Management, there are a lot of great books like Lean Change Management and Leading Change. Or, get certified through Prosci and use the ADKAR model.

Contact us to get a free demo and to see how CSA360 is the perfect fit for your company.


Zach Jedamzik

Change and Relationship Management at Stanley Black & Decker

Zach has been working professionally in the corporate setting for over 10 years.  Currently, he oversees Change and Relationship Management for three teams at Stanley Black & Decker. Those teams have an operational budget of ~$15 million annually and impact over 1,000 employees.

*Prosci Benchmarking Report 2016 Edition


Meet Txt Commander

Introducing Txt Commander!

The newest module to CSA360 allows your public to report situations to security and guest services immediately and with anonymity to the people around them. Txt Commander enables two-way communication between reporter and command center so your event staff can be prepared with the details before entering a situation. 

Each of our Txt Commander clients receives their own local number and you will never have to ask your potential users to remember any hashtags as the other guys do. We don’t do blocks of text messages that you may never use, we have one flat yearly rate that gives you unlimited texting access. 

Oh, and we’ve made it cheaper and easier to use than our competitor’s products.

Why Txt Commander:

When you add text services to your available methods of direct-to-security communication, you can expect to see a lift in reported incidents and a decrease in the severity of those incidents. And the reason for this is simple. Think about this for a minute. You have a full building and a finite number of event staff on hand. Offering texting as a public safety tool increases the eyes on the crowd from just your event staff, to everyone in the location. You may even get to a situation before it escalates thanks to reports from those in the local area, working as an early warning system.

Engaging in active text with event staff via Txt Commander allows all of your patrons, students, visitors, guests, and staff to feel empowered to “see something, say something” while remaining anonymous to the people around them. 

Best Practice Tips:

Signage is everything. You can’t expect Txt Commander to work for you if you don’t give your patrons the number everywhere they turn. Make your new Txt Commander number obvious- place it on walls and screens, on event programs booklets, and especially in parking lots. 

Be prepared for more reports. If your signage is clear and obvious, you can expect to get more reports, however, the with lower complexity and severity will be reduced. Empowering your patrons to report issues directly to security boosts feelings of safety in your facility. 

Create quick response templates. Texts come in fast so make sure that you have some prepared responses on-hand to respond just as quickly. Look back at your most common calls and complaints and craft responses that let the person on the other end know that they have been heard and appropriate action will be taken, and thank them for utilizing the system.

Take it for a spin!

I want to show you our newest module so just fill out the contact form and we will get a short demo on our calendars.

Dynamic Security Signal Measurement

Dynamic Security Signal Measurement Platform (DSSM) is replacing an antiquated human interaction system of analyzing data manually.

What does this mean? It’s not about creating custom forms, guard tours, dispatch modules, or text messaging programs. Rather, it’s about watching constantly changing indicators within security operations having the ability to auto-respond to it. There is always change. Every event and activity fluctuation requires measurement, and the demand exists for something that has never been done before in the world of security software. Does this door alarm require a response by a physical guard? If yes, who should the guard be to handle it? If there are an elevated number of incidents occurring in one particular location, should you re-deploy on-duty responders? DSSM will provide real-time data and not just data but offer real-time direction in conjunction with machine learning.

Another example:
A front gate becomes loose and there is no one around and must not have latched completely. Maybe the wind blew it open and there was no one around it and no threat. Then the intelligence of dynamic security signal measurement software would just log the incident alert someone to go close the gate. But it wouldn’t start sounding the sirens and go to Defcon four over it. Right now reactive security protocol is just that if the alarm goes off, someone is going to go run to it or figure out what is going on without any computer-aided knowledge in the decision making process.

On the flip side of that if someone is trying to drive a car through the front gate, the protocol would say to call 9-1-1 dispatch all available officers that are capable, not just closest, but capable, to get there. You need to be able to measure the situation instantly and effectively by knowing who is within the area who is properly trained to handle the situation and who can get there and how fast. Even down to know what their mode of transportation is.

It’s a perfect balance of everything we’ve created coming together, but now adding machine learning to the mix. Learning and being able to filter out what’s not important and bring to the forefront what is important.

This is different for every user, this is different for every facility, location, company, it’s going to be different for a lot of people and it has to be-be able to measure every indicator and know what needs to be done with those every time and it’s going to learn. It needs to be able to learn those responses and that information as well.

But then it’s also going to give you all of the visuals that you need, not just give you one specific module. Whether it’s tour confirmations, or your learning management systems or your incident dispatch system, you’re going to need to be able to see more than one thing at a time just in case something does happen so that you’re not looking through the straw at only one process, you need to be aware of your surrounding s and have a 360 view of the safety and security of your facility or venue or your residential community.

What does this mean for you

What it means is that you are going to react to situations faster and more efficiently, be more cost effective because you can officially distribute your workforce as needed and spend less on overhead through labor and software

Why us?

We are the only ones who can do this, we’ve created this for you.