Best Three Ways to Improve Your Security Team

February 28, 2020
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Have you ever had a security officer sleeping on the job?  Do you feel like some of your security staff are not properly trained? Learning how to keep your workers accountable for their work is hard, but not impossible. In today’s article, we are going to talk about ways to make your workers more accountable.



 Many officers have not had the proper training or it has been a while since an officer has been educated on recent or new trends. It is important to keep Security officers prepared for any occasion. Requiring quick training once a month will assure your security team is in the know. With the rise of technology, training has never been easier with E-learning capabilities.


It can be difficult to keep workers motivated. Motivation is the key to efficiency. Everyone underestimates the power of a simple reward. Rewarding workers doesn’t haven’t to be a big reward. Giving a worker a $10- $20 gift card for having perfect attendance can be a great way to motivate your employees.

Security software 

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days. While some workplaces see them as a curse, you can use them to your advantage. Using security software will allow you to have everything you need in one place such as incident reports, dispatch, check-ins, visitor management, etc. Never hear excuses like ‘I couldn’t find the incident reports’. With cloud base technology everyone who has access to CSA360 can use and see the incident reports. Using Fit Bit technology you can now see when your Officers are sleeping on the job. Having everything you need such as incident reports, visitor management, tour confirmations, activity logs, and much more.

ipad small left tilt CSA360

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