Visitor Management software: Your First Line of Defense

April 10, 2020
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The impact if the Coronavirus has been a life-altering change for an entire generation, and the permanent changes to the ways we live our daily and work lives are yet to be determined. People are wondering what life will be like after quarantine, how will the office setting and face-to-face meetings work when we are cleared to resume daily activity? We know it won’t go back to the way it was, and according to the World Health Organization’s top experts, without big changes to prevent the disease, COVID-19 could possibly become a seasonal illness similar to what we see of the seasonal flu.  


Individuals need to do our best to stop the person to person transmission of the coronavirus, especially in the workplace. One way companies and office managers can help reduce the risk of employees coming to contact with or spreading Coronavirus is by implementing a visitor management software in the office. 



Having streamlined office communication is more important than ever because of the Coronavirus. Hear me out–  Visitor Management aids in the protection of your employees by providing the tools to more closely track information about visitors coming into the physical office. Customize Visitor Management flow to pre-screen for illnesses or current symptoms. 

Having a regularly sanitized iPad or smart tablet check-in at the door as your first line of defense not only reduces the risk for the front desk worker, but it will also free them up to do other important tasks. Having an entrance check-in kiosk will allow you to collect other important information from visitors such as, have they traveled recently, or ask for important custom contact info. Once a visitor checks in, the host will be notified by email or push notification to their phone. No need to have the front desk agent go-between guests and employees to chase co-workers down.

A benefit of using visitor management, especially in this time of pandemic, is if a visitor becomes ill with COVID-19 and you are contacted, knowing who the visitor saw will allow you to help take action approved measures prevent the spread of the virus. Additionally prescreening will eliminate the potential for a guest to come into the workplace infected. It is important now more than ever to know who is coming and going from your office space. It’s not just about knowing where your people are, it is about knowing where everyone is.

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