Build Your Best Incident Report Template

December 19, 2017
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In the security industry, it is essential to protect ourselves (and our businesses) from litigation and this means we have to track every detail of what we do. Everything.

Incomplete incident reports commonly lead to an increased litigation risk that can easily be avoided by ensuring proper training for all employees involved in the reporting process. Documenting the most accurate and complete record of events is vital to your operation.

By using an incident report mobile app and/or web application, you can ensure that proper reporting procedure is enforced every time. By utilizing required fields, dropdowns with limited response choices, using built-in Idscan and image capture, you are guiding your guard to a complete and robust report.  Since such a large portion of the data collected is company and guard information, this information can easily be pre-filled by software settings to save time and increase user efficiency.

In the event that an incident must be taken to court, prosecutors much prefer a complete, digital incident report that has standard required fields to ensure a solid report with on-site photos to create a holistic view of events. By introducing and making use of tools such as ID scanning technology, (ours is called IDReader) you can ensure fast, complete and accurate information of all individuals involved in the incident that your force is reporting.

Keep in mind that many legal cases are dismissed or plead out by the defense when a complete, digital, incident report is submitted by the security company.

Download for free on iTunes or Google Play.

A complete incident report that will hold up in the event of dispute or prosecution will include:

  • Full name, address and phone number of your guard company
  • Full name, position, and duty of the responding guard or officer
  • Complete demographic information of all parties involved – victim, witness, suspect
  • Complete factual narrative including specific details, individuals involved, along with photographic evidence
  • Specific locations are vital for future planning as well as the accuracy of reporting

How can you make your reports foolproof?

Just get digital.

We could give you a template to download, but that would just keep you on the analog paper path, and that isn’t going to help your business grow. Instead, let’s explore the benefits to going digital:

  • Digital forms provide the unique ability to add additional individuals (guards, witnesses, victims, suspects) instantly and as needed
  • Digital forms offer only the fields you need, offering extra space to include additional defendants, and reduce excess space to clean up clutter and produce a polished finished product
  • Digital solutions allow complete letterhead and logos on finished reports
  • Digital reporting strategies generate easily searchable data by keyword, location, or event
  • Robust digital reporting produces tracked analytic points that can be used for planning purposes and future incident prevention

Download for free on iTunes or Google Play.


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