Visitor Management software: Your First Line of Defense

The impact if the Coronavirus has been a life-altering change for an entire generation, and the permanent changes to the ways we live our daily and work lives are yet to be determined. People are wondering what life will be like after quarantine, how will the office setting and face-to-face meetings work when we are cleared to resume daily activity? We know it won’t go back to the way it was, and according to the World Health Organization’s top experts, without big changes to prevent the disease, COVID-19 could possibly become a seasonal illness similar to what we see of the seasonal flu.  


Individuals need to do our best to stop the person to person transmission of the coronavirus, especially in the workplace. One way companies and office managers can help reduce the risk of employees coming to contact with or spreading Coronavirus is by implementing a visitor management software in the office. 



Having streamlined office communication is more important than ever because of the Coronavirus. Hear me out–  Visitor Management aids in the protection of your employees by providing the tools to more closely track information about visitors coming into the physical office. Customize Visitor Management flow to pre-screen for illnesses or current symptoms. 

Having a regularly sanitized iPad or smart tablet check-in at the door as your first line of defense not only reduces the risk for the front desk worker, but it will also free them up to do other important tasks. Having an entrance check-in kiosk will allow you to collect other important information from visitors such as, have they traveled recently, or ask for important custom contact info. Once a visitor checks in, the host will be notified by email or push notification to their phone. No need to have the front desk agent go-between guests and employees to chase co-workers down.

A benefit of using visitor management, especially in this time of pandemic, is if a visitor becomes ill with COVID-19 and you are contacted, knowing who the visitor saw will allow you to help take action approved measures prevent the spread of the virus. Additionally prescreening will eliminate the potential for a guest to come into the workplace infected. It is important now more than ever to know who is coming and going from your office space. It’s not just about knowing where your people are, it is about knowing where everyone is.

The Importance of E-learning in time of a Pandemic

Coronavirus has been rapidly spreading throughout the US with thousands of new cases being confirmed every day and states shutting down all non-essential businesses. This is making the public anxious. The world needs Physical Security now more than ever, some companies in the Midwest are currently hiring guards to protect properties while most employees are working from home or laid off. 


It is important to make sure that your security team is prepared and in the know about ever-changing regulations and procedures. One of the best ways to ensure that your team is ready for the unique challenges we are facing through this unusual time is through the power of eLearning. 


  • eLearning is becoming a vital tool to have in your arsenal since it lives in the digital space, your learners can take in information and be tested on it from anywhere. You can update your team’s curriculum instantly, even when they are off duty- they can still receive the assignment. This feature is great because new information regarding best practices with Coronavirus is constantly being turned out.
  • eLearning allows you to create content for your team to brush up on old and new security policies and offers testing to verify knowledge retention and record proof of completion. 
  • eLearning allows you to teach your team about new information where it’s applicable to compliance with laws, policies, and orders that are put in place to protect the public and employees against the spread of Coronavirus.


Utilizing tools like CSA360’s eLearning platform can have a major impact on your current and future operations practices.

Record Keeping for Compliance

How is your regulations compliance going? When I was reading my marketing team’s blog post on compliance in 2020, I was thinking about what my days were like when I was still running a safety and security company, before I started CSA360. Keeping track of licensing, certifications, paper reports, schedules of 500+ people was a lot to handle. and those are some of the reasons I started CSA360.

Here’s how my team and I can help you and your team:

Record Keeping –

This is so important, not only for state regulation compliance but to protect you from liability. Think about your incident reports, visitor logs, tour confirmation checkpoints, data collected from your custom-built forms, all of that is important to be able to pull up if/when you are asked.

And even bigger than all of the items listed above is keeping records of all licensing and certification of your employees. Most states have a licensing requirement for all security guards, and keeping up with expiration dates is impossible unless you have a system that allows you to run reports or that can be set to alert you when you need to begin collecting renewed documentation.

Workforce Records –

I didn’t have anything like this before I built it, and there were times that I really could have used it (every day)- HR Commander allows our clients to search and filter results for schedules both current and historical, site locations, events, to retrieve valuable data whenever you need it.

Liability Defense –

Keeping the most detailed records and taking it digital can be the greatest thing you do for your business. By going digital with your forms and using required fields in the response boxes, you are guiding your employees to submitting complete records and reports, which can support you in the event of litigation. Then store that complete data in the cloud for instant retrieval, and you’re in an excellent place to protect yourself.

If you have questions or want to compare our system to your current one, fill out the contact form and I will have a member of my team reach out to you.


Tony Unfried

The #1 Tool For Keeping Your Team Informed

This CSA360 module has limitless uses and unlimited value when it comes to communicating with your team. Whether you have a team of 50 in one location or 500 employees in 20 locations, Push Notifications provides critical value in everyday management.

Some examples of CSA360 client use cases include:

  • Routine reminders
  • Emergency action alerts
  • Filling no call/no show scheduling gaps with on-call tagged user groups
  • Instructional communications from management to staff 
  • Accelerate completion of targeted onboarding steps 
  • Periodical requests for information updates
  • Hazardous weather events

As with everything that CSA360 engineers, Push Notifications is a highly customizable module that allows companies the flexibility to structure user groups in a way that makes sense for the organization. 

Are you ready to make the switch to CSA360? Contact us today to get started.

Introducing BINDER

In the CSA360p lab, we recognize that every organization deserves the tools to achieve and maintain peak performance in the field. So, without further adieu, we are excited to introduce BINDER, the newest module in the ever-evolving CSA360 suite! Forget the paper binders, now just upload documents in the portal and instantly view or download on your remote user devices.

With the addition of Binder, your company is now able to upload and save critical documents that can be accessed anywhere, at any time, from both web and mobile devices. No need to navigate outside of the CSA360 to access your customer documents, building plans and property maps, keeping your team’s productivity at its best.


Save on supply costs by eliminating unnecessary spend on additional file repositories, virtual storage, and printed materials; CSA360 users never have to toggle between apps to access all critical information and forms, your staff is also saving time and increasing productivity.

CSA360 BINDER is perfect in Security sectors for keeping track of:
Customer Documents
Building Plans
Product and Equipment Images
Specs or Samples