An Argument For Txt Commander

95% of Americans own a mobile phone. (source)  Digital adoption is skyrocketing even among Baby Boomers which makes a great case for incorporating texting services into your security, safety, and guest services strategies. 

You would be hard pressed to find a mobile technology user that doesn’t stay within arm’s length of their device at all times. Knowing how your population communicates and meeting them where they are is half the battle in creating a safety communication strategy that works.

I feel it is necessary to point out that text-to-safety and security isn’t limited to the arenas and stadiums that we usually think of when considering a two-way texting system associated with a command center. This technology should also be seriously considered by those who manage high-rise and multi-tenant properties, higher education and university safety, and the hospitality industries. 

An article published in Psychology Today discusses how the general public responds to situational anonymity, this is where the ability to text to safety and security is most important. Providing the ability to discreetly report situations and minimizing the risk of identification by the offending party, increases the likelihood of receiving reports of questionable and dangerous behavior. In other words, it allows “see something, say something” happen without the fear of retaliation. (source

Employing structured technology like CSA360’s Txt Commander in an enterprise setting allows a higher level of anonymity and confidence in the reporting and early intervention of violations, crimes, threats, and acts of abuse and violence. All incoming text communication is transmitted to the designated operative for vetting and action. 

Imagine the impact that Txt Commander has on a college or university campus where a student can anonymously report a situation before it becomes a danger for an individual and those in the surrounding areas. Removing the social risk and fear of reporting could result in early reporting and response, possibly reducing the severity of the offense.

The more that I sit here and think about the uses for Txt Commander and CSA360, the more I wonder why this technology isn’t present in more professional settings.

I would love to have my colleague, Brain Murphy, show you what Txt Commander can do and how it can transform your strategy, or just be the missing piece of safety that you’ve been looking for. I live by the theory that something doesn’t have to be broken to make it better- I  honestly don’t want to wait for my system to be broken when it comes to risk and safety.

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