The Importance of E-learning in time of a Pandemic

March 27, 2020
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Coronavirus has been rapidly spreading throughout the US with thousands of new cases being confirmed every day and states shutting down all non-essential businesses. This is making the public anxious. The world needs Physical Security now more than ever, some companies in the Midwest are currently hiring guards to protect properties while most employees are working from home or laid off. 


It is important to make sure that your security team is prepared and in the know about ever-changing regulations and procedures. One of the best ways to ensure that your team is ready for the unique challenges we are facing through this unusual time is through the power of eLearning. 


  • eLearning is becoming a vital tool to have in your arsenal since it lives in the digital space, your learners can take in information and be tested on it from anywhere. You can update your team’s curriculum instantly, even when they are off duty- they can still receive the assignment. This feature is great because new information regarding best practices with Coronavirus is constantly being turned out.
  • eLearning allows you to create content for your team to brush up on old and new security policies and offers testing to verify knowledge retention and record proof of completion. 
  • eLearning allows you to teach your team about new information where it’s applicable to compliance with laws, policies, and orders that are put in place to protect the public and employees against the spread of Coronavirus.


Utilizing tools like CSA360’s eLearning platform can have a major impact on your current and future operations practices.

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