Powerful features for modern security.

The CSA360 app features a powerful dashboard and over 15 modules that give you sophisticated, tailored-to-you capabilities.

3 devices

Get the 360 View on your facilities.

With CSA360’s Dashboard, Reports, and integration across modules, you’ll be able to manage your facilities through a new, visualized experience.

Dispatch Macbook

Computer-Aided Dispatch

Quickly and efficiently document calls and dispatch security, medical, or maintenance staff. Reports are fully customizable.

Complete tours like never before.

From real-time location tracking to GPS-based check-ins, CSA360 is revolutionizing the personnel tour experience.

Communication Examples

Clear and accessible communication.

Use the Communication Log to pass messages between shifts. Let guests speak to you through TxtCommander. Teach your team with eLearning.

Meet your new security hub.

Our founder’s background in the security industry means careful consideration to all of our developments and a constant evolution for the latest in security needs and technologies.

Manage your staff, clients, and visitors.

All of your team’s information is available at your fingertips. Manage scheduling and track hours with HR Commander, track incoming visitors with Visitor Management, and manage billing with Client Commander.

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Reporting Category

Experience a new kind of reporting.

CSA360 creates seamless integration between Forms, Incidents, Reports, and more, accessible from anywhere in the field.