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Meet your new security hub.

The CSA360 app features a powerful dashboard and over 15 modules that give you sophisticated, tailored-to-you capabilities. Our founder’s background in the security industry means careful consideration to all of our developments and a constant evolution for the latest in security needs and technologies.


Track your non-mission critical in-house communications from shift to shift easily in the digital communications log. 

The Dispatch module of the CSA360 allows software users instant communication between officers in the field and the centralized command center by use of our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD). Track every call and security text (Txt Commander), and dispatch available officers to events as they occur. Customized Incidents Reports can be linked to dispatch call to ensure you get the most complete view the incident.

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Assignments connects with CSA360's Dispatch, Tour Confirmation, E-Learning, and HR Commander modules to provide a seamless user experience between you and your officers. Managers can track user Assignments quickly and easily from the Administrative Dashboard.

Keep your properties safe without the use of NFC readers or additional expensive equipment to drive up your costs. Using Tour Confirmation allows you to create your own custom Tour Checkpoints and monitor the progress and completion routes in real-time. Tour Confirmation is easy to use and provides a new level of transparency for your clients. 

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Never lose a document or map again with CSA360's Binder module for iOS and Android. Reduce the use of paper and stay organized and prepared by uploading the documents and PDFs that your staff needs to get the job done safely and efficiently. This is the perfect place to house location maps and emergency process documentation. 

CSA360's HR Commander is so much more than just scheduling software, it is a powerful assistant for reducing overtime and finding the best employee for the job coming up. Know at a glance who holds the proper certifications and experience to carryout each task as they come up, and provide the highest quality of service to your clients or guests.

Keep your property secure and make your visitor checkin process and easy and efficient as possible by using CSA360's Visitor Management.  

CSA360 Incidents will assist your team in delivering the most complete, robust, and highest quality incident reports. Reports can be completed on any device and from anywhere in the field, even when connectivity is lost. Attach photos, text transcripts from TXT Commander, and video for full documentation.

With TXT Commander, anyone can simply send a text directly to your command center or Guest Services quickly and discretely. There are no special hashtags or codes to direct your text, instead each location has its own local number to participate in two-way correspondence.  

Increase speed and efficiency of employee message dissemination to their mobile devices with just the click of a button. 

Create completely custom forms to fit any business! 

CSA360's e-Learning makes it possible for you to assign required learning, certifications, and continued education to your workforce to keep them at the top of their game. Track the progress of individual users and provide completion statistics on demand to prove the training level of your staff.

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Client Commander is the easiest way to keep tabs on all of your existing client contracts. You can use Client Commander by itself, or you can unleash the power and connect it to HR Commander to simplify locational scheduling and payroll.

CSA360's Activity Log is a powerful reporting tool for leadership positions, providing details at a glance. Connect with Incidents, Dispatch, Tour Confirmation to keep tabs on all activities at any given time.

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CSA360 changed how my company runs and has allowed us to expand our operations, gain ground in an ultra-competitive industry, with high profile client contracts. 

S. Barker, COO

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CSA360’s features help keep our guards more accountable. We can see how guards are performing in areas we value the most. No-shows, late arrivals, and response times are three areas we care about most, and managers can track their performance in each.

Sean Stuart, Owner

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