If your visitor management doesn’t do these 11 things, you need to rethink your current solution.

January 31, 2020
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We all know that Visitor Management is vital to the safety and security of your clients or business- but if your Visitor Management system isn’t doing these 11 things, you may want to rethink your process.

  1. Visitor sign-in at an iPad kiosk- It’s a modern visitor management solution that gives your front desk a polished looked and professional feel. First impressions mean everything, and this is one stellar first impression without all of the desk clutter.
  2. Access control – Deny access by unwanted visitors by ensuring that your system allows you to identify individuals that shouldn’t be on the premises. Using pre-registration and identity verification, you always know who’s allowed in.
  3. ID scan – Eliminate manual entry, reduce user error, and increase front desk productivity and efficiency by simply scanning the code on the back of state-issued ID’s and simply let the software do the rest.
  4. Utilize Cloud Storage – Allow quick digital recall of reoccurring guest photos and information with encrypted cloud storage for easy reference.
  5. Gate control capability – Connect CSA360’s mobile software to your existing gate arm hardware to control the physical barrier component of the controlled visitor process
  6. Protect your company’s greatest assets- the people, locations, and ideas that make your business happen. Access CSA360’s Dashboard for a live view of all scheduled meetings, upcoming and active visitors, as well as host information.
  7. Take the guesswork out of compliance regulations with automated options for on-screen NDA forms, and other privacy documents.
  8. Notify employees of guest arrival using push notifications and email.
  9. Custom information collection- Customize your pre-registration forms to capture all of the information that your company requires.
  10. Easy one-touch export of data in CSV, Excel, or PDF formats.
  11. Take a photo and print visitor badges with one touch.


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