No NFC Required.

December 10, 2018
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Recently a client asked us about NFC Readers and what the cost of that would be for his company. Being in marketing, I wasn’t sure what NFC was, so I did a little research and found out why it’s not a good fit for our company.


We don’t do NFC:

What is NFC?  It stands for Near Feild Communication, and it’s kind of like your regular wifi or Bluetooth and has been described as being far more closely related to Radio Frequency Identification. Unlike RFID, NFC is only effective if a sensor can come within roughly a few inches of the target sensor. Oh, and it requires special devices to actually read the radio frequencies. While the idea is cool in theory, within the active application it’s really not as great as one would think. Why? Because utilizing NFC requires the purchase or rental of additional devices, costing you more money both up front and over time as you have to replace them due to loss, damage, and basic wear and tear. Those sensors that have to be installed to make NFC work? Those will cost you extra and any time those need to be replaced, you have to make an order, pay for it, wait, and install the new sensor yourself. We don’t do NFC because we have a better way that, up front and over time, saves your time, money, and person-power resources.


No extra tech needed:

Do you prefer Apple devices or Android Devices? Both? Cool. That’s all you need. With our software, you can use the devices that fit your operations best and we won’t make you buy special devices to make the software work, we want to meet you where you’re at. Did you know that a lot of other companies don’t disclose information about technology costs upfront? We don’t think that’s an okay practice for our clients.


Flat fee an unlimited users:

This is not a joke or a gimmick. We mean it when we say it’s one flat fee for unlimited users for all of our modules outside of our e-Learning module. That’s right. UNLIMITED USERS for every module you purchase. Do you need Dispatch, Txt Commander and Guard Tour? Unlimited users for each.


Do you want to know more? Email us at and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Or, you can also call us at +1 317 300-4656 and we will be happy to talk through our software with you. Really, it’s designed to fit any operation, let us help you find your module mix!


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