Record Keeping for Compliance

February 14, 2020
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How is your regulations compliance going? When I was reading my marketing team’s blog post on compliance in 2020, I was thinking about what my days were like when I was still running a safety and security company, before I started CSA360. Keeping track of licensing, certifications, paper reports, schedules of 500+ people was a lot to handle. and those are some of the reasons I started CSA360.

Here’s how my team and I can help you and your team:

Record Keeping –

This is so important, not only for state regulation compliance but to protect you from liability. Think about your incident reports, visitor logs, tour confirmation checkpoints, data collected from your custom-built forms, all of that is important to be able to pull up if/when you are asked.

And even bigger than all of the items listed above is keeping records of all licensing and certification of your employees. Most states have a licensing requirement for all security guards, and keeping up with expiration dates is impossible unless you have a system that allows you to run reports or that can be set to alert you when you need to begin collecting renewed documentation.

Workforce Records –

I didn’t have anything like this before I built it, and there were times that I really could have used it (every day)- HR Commander allows our clients to search and filter results for schedules both current and historical, site locations, events, to retrieve valuable data whenever you need it.

Liability Defense –

Keeping the most detailed records and taking it digital can be the greatest thing you do for your business. By going digital with your forms and using required fields in the response boxes, you are guiding your employees to submitting complete records and reports, which can support you in the event of litigation. Then store that complete data in the cloud for instant retrieval, and you’re in an excellent place to protect yourself.

If you have questions or want to compare our system to your current one, fill out the contact form and I will have a member of my team reach out to you.


Tony Unfried

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