Strategies to Reduce Overtime & Increase Efficiency

Strategies to reduce overtime and increase efficiency are not new, but the tools that help you implement those well-known strategies are, and they are pushing to the forefront of what you require in your security business.

The concepts of having more efficient scheduling processes, broadening your employee skill base, cross-train, streamline your daily processes, increasing your staff base– that stuff is not new. All of those ideas have been around as long as we have, but the tools that help manage your crew are new and becoming more and more efficient and necessary.

Specifically, with employee base and streamlining scheduling, you need real-time transparency for hours worked, locations worked, fast visual access to the skills your employees possess— you have to know if they should they be working in those places, if you utilizing and maximizing employee talent to the fullest, who has the skill and training that may have the hours available but hasn’t yet been scheduled.

When you cross-train your employees, you are investing in more options for your employees and managers, giving them the availability to work an employee on a dock one day, and on dispatch the next– Or managing doors and visitor entry. You give yourself so much more scheduling flexibility when you implement an organized employee cross-train strategy.

It’s in your best interest to ensure your employees are actually getting real experience and working those posts, not just getting certified and trained in certain areas, but never using those skills. That’s time and money lost. With HR Commander, created by Archon Tech, you can have instant, open, and transparent visibility of those options. You can forecast based on past events and future needs. You finally get to use all of the data that you’ve been storing with HR Commander.