4 Big Things Our LMS Does For you

1. Audit-Proofing Your Organization.

Compliance requirements for Safety and Security are ever-evolving, and organizations are protecting themselves and their employees by providing documented training for response to critical events. Companies are focusing more on employee development and training to reduce liability. Learning Management Systems (LMS) keep a real-time record that your employee has taken the courses and completed required certifications, as well as how well they performed. You can easily report out the status of each individual in the event of a security audit.

2. *DING* *DING* Your Training is Due!

A good Learning Management System will report out when employee training has taken place, but a GREAT LMS will notify employees when required training must be completed or repeated, keeping your employee learning and compliance up to date at all times.

3. On-Demand Training.

The beauty of a Learning Management System loaded with eLearning courses and documents is that your employees have 24/7 access to education and exams where applicable. No more scheduling multiple off-site classroom learning days to fit everyone’s schedule! Training is increasingly being digitally delivered as eLearning accessible by computers, tablets, and smartphones. A device-responsive LMS makes instant access to learning materials possible by delivering eLearning links, apps, PDFs, videos to any mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

4. Content Is Always Available.

Without putting knowledge into immediate practice, people tend to forget the majority of what has been discussed in a classroom training session before ever making it back to the office. By using a quality LMS, your staff will be able to go back and review content at any time to keep important information fresh in mind.

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