Thermal Imaging FAQ

July 21, 2020
Thermal camera
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 How do thermal cameras work?

Thermal cameras leverage the heat produced by the human body to measure and display the thermal image of a person in relation to its surrounding objects. Thermal cameras, also are known as infrared cameras, use infrared waves to detect the difference in heat. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to check out our blog on Why you Need Thermal Imaging.

Can thermal cameras diagnose someone with COVID-19?

Thermal cameras can not provide a medical diagnosis of someone with COVID-19, as they can only tell if a person has an elevated body temperature. If someone does have a high body temperature, follow the CDC protocol, and urge them to get tested immediately.

What are the best locations to set up the thermal screening station

You will want your thermal imaging set up to be as close to the main-use entrances as possible since it’s best to have people entering the building go through screening immediately. Be sure to put your camera where there is less sunlight as it can affect the results. Check out Implementing Thermal Cameras in your Workplace to learn more.

Difference between thermal cameras and thermometer guns?

While thermometer guns are cheaper, infrared thermometers are not always accurate. They use the average surface temperature of a spot; that can vary in sizes.  Investing in a proper thermal imaging system will allow your workers to screen from a safe distance and ensure that you have an accurate temperature scanning system. As well, thermal imaging is a lot quicker to use than a thermometer gun.

How easy is this to implement into the workplace? How quick is it to get screened?

Implementing this to the workplace can be done in less than a day. Be sure to follow all the instructions. Screening can take less than a few seconds. You will get an alert if the skin temperature is slightly higher than average. Any guest can just pass through unless an alert pops up.

Thermal imaging is a super effective way to ensure that you’re keeping your staff safe from COVID-19. There are tons of benefits of implementing this into your workplace. Schedule a call now to learn more about thermal imaging.

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