Meet Txt Commander

November 19, 2018
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Introducing Txt Commander!

The newest module to CSA360 allows your public to report situations to security and guest services immediately and with anonymity to the people around them. Txt Commander enables two-way communication between reporter and command center so your event staff can be prepared with the details before entering a situation. 

Each of our Txt Commander clients receives their own local number and you will never have to ask your potential users to remember any hashtags as the other guys do. We don’t do blocks of text messages that you may never use, we have one flat yearly rate that gives you unlimited texting access. 

Oh, and we’ve made it cheaper and easier to use than our competitor’s products.

Why Txt Commander:

When you add text services to your available methods of direct-to-security communication, you can expect to see a lift in reported incidents and a decrease in the severity of those incidents. And the reason for this is simple. Think about this for a minute. You have a full building and a finite number of event staff on hand. Offering texting as a public safety tool increases the eyes on the crowd from just your event staff, to everyone in the location. You may even get to a situation before it escalates thanks to reports from those in the local area, working as an early warning system.

Engaging in active text with event staff via Txt Commander allows all of your patrons, students, visitors, guests, and staff to feel empowered to “see something, say something” while remaining anonymous to the people around them. 

Best Practice Tips:

Signage is everything. You can’t expect Txt Commander to work for you if you don’t give your patrons the number everywhere they turn. Make your new Txt Commander number obvious- place it on walls and screens, on event programs booklets, and especially in parking lots. 

Be prepared for more reports. If your signage is clear and obvious, you can expect to get more reports, however, the with lower complexity and severity will be reduced. Empowering your patrons to report issues directly to security boosts feelings of safety in your facility. 

Create quick response templates. Texts come in fast so make sure that you have some prepared responses on-hand to respond just as quickly. Look back at your most common calls and complaints and craft responses that let the person on the other end know that they have been heard and appropriate action will be taken, and thank them for utilizing the system.

Take it for a spin!

I want to show you our newest module so just fill out the contact form and we will get a short demo on our calendars.

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See CSA360 in action.

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