What is ‘the cloud’?

January 17, 2020
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Cloud storage is a method of accessible data archival in which digital information is organized into logical pools. The actual physical storage most often encompasses multiple servers in several locations. These physical locations are owned and managed by larger companies like Amazon Web Services– They are responsible for keeping your data accessible and available to you whenever you need it.

Freedom to work from anywhere

By having the option and ability to set up virtual office space from anywhere, you can move your command center to where the need is the greatest. In the event of significant catastrophic occurrences such as fires, floods, earthquakes, users of cloud-based software will have no time lost, which is a must for professional security practitioners.

On that same note, cloud-based computing offers flexibility to handle situations from home, or anywhere that wi-fi or cellular service is available, this could also mean from other locations in the same facility.

Access from any device

As long as your devices are running on an Apple, Android, or Microsoft operating systems (most are), you can access the CSA360 software from any tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop device, allowing you a seamless security software tool experience.

Reduce IT costs

By utilizing a cloud-based software solution, you no longer need to schedule a time to backup your computer system, pay for extra external storage, or worry about running out of space. Outside IT help will never be necessary to use CSA360’s cloud-based software.


Generally speaking, success means growth. CSA360 and it’s cloud-based software allows you to have a growing number of employees and multiple locations without having to purchase more licenses to use the software. One is all you need for your entire company, no matter how big you grow.


CSA360’s cloud-based security platform allows you and your employees to start reports or other tasks on one device, and pick it back up where you left off on a different device.

Automatic updates and maintenance

By going the way of cloud-based software services, you receive the perks of automatic updates and software maintenance. CSA360 makes updates to our software and features, and users never have to take any action or pause processes to reboot systems.

The security risk is minimal- we use providers that utilize bank-level security that so go far as having armed guards protect the facility. Bank and military-grade security means data goes through a 256-bit encryption process before being sent over a secure network to be saved in an encrypted state on a disk. Your data is safe and isn’t going anywhere.


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