Why You Need Thermal Imaging

April 29, 2020
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When the stay at home order is lifted and the public goes back to work the threat of Covid-19 will still be a clear and present threat.  To regain some semblance of normal life, we need to adapt and take measures that we’ve never seen used widely in public settings. Identifying and preventing potentially infected people from entering public places and workplaces is a must if we ever plan on returning to daily life. Thermal imaging technology and the ability to read heat signatures are making this possible.

 What is Thermal Imaging?
Thermal imaging cameras are able to detect heat and translate that heat energy into visible light energy that can easily be interpreted by your trained staff. These cameras allow us to see the temperature elevations in the skin, possibly indicating a fever is present, which we most commonly see when an individual is fighting infection. Thermal imaging allows manned security to have a safe, non-contact, screening to ensure the physical safety of the building by preventing potentially infected people from entering your building. 


Thermal Imaging, while sophisticated, isn’t a new technology, it was first used in the Korean War to find the enemy and fight in nighttime combat. Since then, the technology has been adopted by firefighters, police, and rescue teams, as well as electricians and building inspectors. What is different is the potential widespread use of this technology and the impacts that it can make on the mass population.


What type of camera do you need?
There are many thermal cameras on the market, some even have phone apps that claim to be able to use thermal detection (the jury is still out on the accuracy of these thermal imaging apps). When you begin your search for thermal imaging cameras, you want a one that offers actual temperature measurements and high pixel resolution. dahua offers a great line of thermal monitoring cameras- Check out FLIR to learn more about thermal detection cameras.


The world is on edge it is our job to make sure people feel safe and secure. Thermal imaging can offer a new layer and more assurance that you are taking the extra steps necessary to prevent people infected with Covid-19 from entering the places and spaces that you protect. 

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