Your KPIs Are Too Late

January 22, 2019
1 A KPI (Key Performance Indicator) –

KPIs take too long to analyze and return data to really be helpful in the security industry. By the time you get that data, someone could have been injured or you might have lost the contract. It’s flawed to look at compliance or completion analysis, waiting to see if you performed an inspection, completed site visits, security analysis, or penetration test efficiently.

You may be accustomed to waiting to get results during a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) when the stakeholders are meeting and going over stats and data. But that’s too late to be acting on data. Let’s talk about your upfront training courses and statistics, and your e-learning platform so you can show all of the training, and elite officers, to provide proof and certifications. You want to show key stakeholders upfront the skill and growth investment that you have in your employed talent. That brings peace of mind to your client. You don’t want to wait and prove your value 3 months later because once you have a contract, focusing on billable skills based on data, or you’re going to fail.


2 A lead measure is — Not response training.

“There is a giant difference between knowing a thing and knowing the data behind that thing,” says Chris McChesney, co-author of The 4 Disciplines of Execution*. You shouldn’t wait for lag metrics to evaluate tasks and efficiencies; you need real-time information. You need to see what is actually happening while it’s actually happening. (How? See DSSM ) Security is a real-time industry and for maximized safety and security you need real-time evaluation and real-time data so the focus can be on the process and the people. There are many lead measures that give insight on measuring the effectiveness of your team. By the time you get the information from the lag metrics, you’ve seen the data and tried to adjust, but without using lead measures you’re too late. You’re looking for the qualitative data and reducing your daily vision on the quantitative data. Both are important, and both have a time and place where they should be in front of you without thinking about it.

3 Overtime – You need a lead measure.

You need to evaluate what your employees are scheduled for, not what they are working, and you need to see it in real-time, and you need software that will alert you when an employee is approaching OT. Most security companies don’t get reimbursed for overtime and that pay has to come from somewhere. The best method to reduce overtime is being able to look at your scheduling on Monday to see where each employee will be on Thursday, not waiting until Thursday to see who is still available and who is approaching the overtime limits. (Ask us about HR COMMANDER)

4 First-time fix rate—

The first person on the scene should find the resolution to the problem. Instant resolution and incident de-escalation are very important to you and your clients. You need lead measures and real-time visualizations to achieve a new view of the number of incidents and how many officers are on each incident. Ideally, you will only have one officer on each incident, but sometimes the situation calls for additional assistance, and that’s understandable. But when you get to the point where you have multiple officers on every report, you really need to start examining where the breakdown is occurring. Do you have a low-confidence officer who needs backup on every call? Do you need to step in and re-administer training? Software with a DSSM brain will assist in finding the root issues rather than waiting for the outcomes. You will see constant evaluation and officer rating just like you would give your Uber driver, every time an action takes place, you are getting rated. As rates drop, DSSM software will ensure that low rated staff is not dispatched to high-risk situations. Then it should alert supervisors to the staffing weakness.

5 Client Onboarding –

Do you have the right people in the right place and are they using the software to educate the client and the officers for a new location? Do you have a quick and easy turnkey solution where you are already in tune with the software and the software knows your business processes and you can replicate that from location to location? Do you have a strong partnership with your vendor and you can easily present that to prospects and new customers? You should. It will save you a lot of headaches… and money.


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